by Amy Swartz

I get cold easily.  I don’t like sweaters anymore.  I don’t like heating pads anymore. I don’t like beds  with walls anymore. We live in an old drafty house so I usually get cold every night, even if Aunt Amy covers me with my little towel.  Most of the time I sleep in front of the heater vent so I can be warmer when it’s on.  Then Aunt Amy put a little box that blows hot air on the floor for me. AHHH, she said I was sleeping with a smile on my face.  I’ve checked it out up close and it seems friendly.  There are no smells or things that move on it.  But it’s not boring at all. I am trying to figure out why it blows air sometimes but not all the time. If you’re old and cold ask your aunt or uncle for one. You’ll be sleeping with a smile on your face too.


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