How many times a day should I give these to my pet?

Once a day is good for maintenance. If your pet needs some extra help, put it in their food, water and on their body two or three times per day.

Does it work on all animals?

Yes, the formulas work for all pets and breeds. They are made from human grade ingredients with no chemicals, dyes, or preservatives.

How long should you give the supplements to your pet?

You can give the formulas as long as your pet needs help. Vitality is good for maintaining excellent health in your pet and can be taken everyday.

What is the best formula if my dog has arthritis?

The new senior line product “Back & Legs” was specifically made for older pets who need extra help with arthritis and mobility. Other supplements to consider are Repair, Relief, Legs, and Power. Repair will help the tissues rejuvenate and Relief helps with pain relief. Legs and Power help regain strength in the muscles and joints. If your pet is very active, consider Align and Massage. These help relax the spinal nerves and muscles.

How does it work so quickly?

The supplements are made of very diluted vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in alkaline water, so the body is able to quickly use the ingredients without the digestion system having to break them down first. Spraying them on the body also helps absorption by the lungs if sprayed in the face, and by the skin if sprayed on the body.

Is it okay to give these before bed?

Yes, the supplements can be given before bedtime, especially the Calm and Sleep formulas which help your pet comfortably sleep through the night. Revive, Vitality and Clarity are made to increase energy, so it may be best to give these at least two hours before bed.