by Amy Swartz

Wow, Aunt Amy was grocery shopping and she saw Mr. Fabio with a big crowd of people around him.  Amy stood in line for a long time with a bottle of Vitality to see if he would mind taking a picture with her.  He was really nice and took a good picture with Aunt Amy, who looks a little funny.  It turns out Mr. Fabio used to make a protein powder for animals that tasted like chicken.  He said animals loved it, but it was difficult making the product because of the suppliers.  Mr. Fabio obviously loves animals and also took a picture with a cat named Romeo who rides a skateboard.  I never knew Aunt Amy had so much fun grocery shopping.  She doesn’t act like it’s a lot of fun.  Unless they have a lot of great treats, it couldn’t be enough fun for me to go.  I’ll stay home and write the blog posts.


ruff ruff


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