by Amy Swartz

Hi there,

Aunt Amy wants everyone to know that Amazon is featuring Epic products in their “Best Deals” section for holiday shopping. Different products will be featured each week from November 22 through December 19, 2013.
Here are the supplements that will be on sale (20% off 2 ounce sprays) Calm, Vitality, Happy, Skin, Repair, Clean Teeth, and Clear. I am including a promotion of a free 1 ounce bottle of Clean Teeth with orders over $100.

I personally use all of these products – especially Repair, Clear, Vitality and Clean Teeth everyday! They work quickly, but the longer I have been on them, the more I feel better.  My old dog cough is gone, gone, gone.  That was such a hassle and would wake me up at night, and Aunt Amy too.

Don’t forget about your friend’s pet this holiday season too.  I think Epic products are a great gift because it makes everyone feel better to see their pet act younger and happier.  Give it a try!

Woof woof woof

woof woof woof

woof woof

– Woof Woof Woof  (my grandma used to get me to sing Jingle Bells)