by Amy Swartz

This is a great year – I got my own dog park.  Aunt Amy put it in the back yard.  She made it so I don’t fall off any edges, which used to hurt my back.  There’s lots of fresh dirt and plants, but less grass.  That’s alright with me because now there are more birds.

We have a lot of strawberry plants, so it doesn’t matter that I walk on them a lot.  There are blueberry plants too and some new trees.  Amy also put some new pavers at the step to the side yard, so I can walk out there on my own.  Having freedom is wonderful.

The best thing about the back yard is that I roam around for a couple of hours while Amy is gardening, and there’s no leash.  I get a lot more exercise and Amy does too. I love having my own dog park.  I have a lot more energy because Amy uses Revive on me.  Check it out!

Woof woof

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2 thoughts to “My own dog park

  • Oz the Terrier

    That is a really nice yard, Lucas. I wish I could come over and play too!

  • Steven Martindale

    What a great idea to have your own dog park.

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