by Amy Swartz

It would be really scary to see a ball of fire flying through the sky.  I think the best thing to do is run for shelter!  I would cover my face and try to get away from windows if possible.  Aunt Amy has a lot of training in this area because she grew up with tornadoes in Missouri and earthquakes in Hawaii.


According to a Discover magazine blogger, you have a 1 in 700,000 chance of dying by being hit by a meteorite – the same odds as being killed in an amusement park ride.  You are seven times more likely to get struck by lightning than killed by a meteorite.  Aunt Amy knows this for sure because lightning struck a chimney where she was babysitting once and the drywall was blown about 40 feet into the next room.  Uh, talk about scary…Here is the article on meteorites if you crave things to worry about:


Death by meteorite


The Discover magazine blog has many articles and pictures on meteorites that have hit Earth. Coincidentally, Discover magazine is one of Aunt Amy’s favorite magazines because the articles are easy to read and cover a wide variety of topics that are useful in our daily lives.  If you want to get a science magazine, she recommends you check this one out.


Woof Woof!  Keep plenty of pet food on hand in case of an emergency!