by Amy Swartz

I am almost back to normal since I started eating gluten free dog food and taking the new supplements Amy made for me:  Massage, Balance and Tummy.  I’ve been playing with my treats again and I have some spring in my step.  Also, I don’t pee as often and I am able to hold it longer. Amy wonders if my kidneys will function better now that my diet has changed.  Time will tell. I have had a couple of “accidents” on the carpet, so that needs some work. See my last blog on coughing, and taking me OUTSIDE, even if it is every half hour.  Amy, you need the exercise so stop being so lazy.  Get my coat out and put it on me.  Let’s go!


I like trying all these new grain free dog foods.  Sometimes Amy lets me try one with rice in it.  Most of them bother my stomach, but I can have the Lamb and Rice from Blue Buffalo every once in a while because I love it so much.  My favorite Trader Joe’s treats have rice in them.  I hope I get to keep eating these treats, they are really my favorite late night snack.


Now we have to work on finding a kibble that I like.  I have a little smorgasbord at my feeding station full of grain free dog foods.  They are ok, but not great.  I have been able to eat more kibble since Amy made me the Teeth supplement, although I still don’t eat too much.  I’ll keep you updated on my food quest.


By the way, adding a bunch of water to my food to make it like soup has helped so much.  It tastes great that way and it is easier on my teeth. I love all the good advice the internet has on it.


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