by Amy Swartz

Aunt Amy visits City Kitty in Edmonds and really enjoys herself.  Adrienne and her staff really love kittys and they started using Epic products to help them even more.  While Aunt Amy was there last time, a beautiful gray cat was wrapped up in a towel while sleeping in Adrienne’s lap.  I wish I had that option when I get my haircut!  City Kitty takes their time so the kitty is not stressed out.  Maybe I can convince Adrienne to take me on as a client.  I am a lot like a cat!

Here is City Kitty’s facebook page so you can read more about them:

and their new website:

Adrienne has been grooming cats for a long time and is an expert.  She is starting a school for grooming kitties, early next year.  I may send Aunt Amy so she can start giving me the spa treatment.  Ya, right, like I don’t already get the spa treatment!  My favorite thing is when she warms my blanky in the dryer and then wraps me in it so I can sleep for a long time.  I better tell her to do that tonight.

Sleep well everyone!