by Amy Swartz

My yard is full of lady bugs!  Some are orange and some are yellow-ish.  They are crawling all over the rose bush in the front yard, so I guess there’s plenty of bugs for them to eat. Amy made a lady bug home out of an old piece of pipe.  Then she put a bunch of twigs in it so the lady bugs could nest.  I don’t know if they moved in, but I hope they stay around.

There are also a lot of bees!  Amy is very happy because she planted a lot of fruit trees and vegetables so she needs them pollinated.  Amy only does organic gardening so the bugs and birds like it a lot, and so do I!  It’s fun walking around the compost pile so Amy can’t find me. The hostas are pretty big now – about as tall as me.  And there’s a giant fern under the redwood tree where the wheel barrow is parked.  I tried going in the pond a couple of times, but Amy always picks me up and puts me down across the yard from the pond.  There’s no water in the pond, just redwood needles, so why can’t I go in there?

If you want bees and lady bugs in your yard, make it a nice place for them to live and they’ll stay. Hmmm.  I guess the same goes for dogs, cats, people, etc. Do something nice to make them Happy.

Lucas, the Wise

woof woof