by Amy Swartz

I work with a lot of people whose pets suffer from allergies.  Here is some basic information that I give to people:

1.  Many pets have food allergies.  One simple thing to try is grain free pet food and treats.  Wet food is best as most kibble has little nutrition.  As my vet once said “you need to go to a good pet store to get your food”.  There are many pet food options out there.  Do some internet research for the option best suited to your needs and budget.

2.  For the health of your pet, read the label to make sure your treats and food are not imported from countries that have a bad reputation for their manufacturing practices.

3. For seasonal allergies – vacuum your house daily and do not wear shoes in the house.  You might need to wash your pet’s feet and face when they come inside.  A wet cloth with no detergents or cleaning agents is best.  The goal is to knock off the allergens, not a thorough cleaning.  If they were in an area where chemicals or pesticides are used, I do suggest giving them a bath to clean off the toxins.

4. Scents can bother pets so only use unscented cleansers such as laundry detergents.   Do not use dryer sheets or laundry softeners, they are irritating to pets and humans with sensitive skin and allergies.

5. Clean their water and food bowls daily.  This is very important.  Bacteria builds up and it can affect your pet’s allergies.

6. As much as possible, stay away from areas where they use chemicals and pesticides on their lawns and parks.  Monitor your pet to see if they have an outbreak after visiting certain parks, or after you have changed cleaning agents.

Keeping a diary is often helpful to figure out what is causing your pet’s outbreaks.  Keep track of what they ate, if you have changed cleaning products, a new or stressful situation that they have been introduced to, etc.  Record anything that has changed.

Epic Pet Health supplements that help with allergies are:  Skin, Clear, Repair and Immune.  Clear and Immune are great for seasonal allergies that cause coughing and sneezing. Use Skin and Repair for skin related outbreaks. Spray on the face and affected areas of the body.  Also put in food and water for maximum results. Feel free to contact me if you have questions on which supplement would be best for your pet, or if you have general questions. I am always happy to help your pet feel better. If you follow the tips above, your pet will be back to normal in no time.

Amy Swartz, Owner

Epic Pet Health

Seattle WA

206 450 1118