by Amy Swartz

Here is a question I recently received about a stressed pup:

I am wondering if you have any recommendations for a blend that I could use with my dog? She has a pretty moderate to severe case of anxiety and I’ve been searching for a therapy for her.

A little history about her; she is a Boxer, about 5-6ish years old. She is a rescue and I believe that she was abused. The rescue league did not have an abundance of information when I adopted her but they did tell me she was attacked by a dog prior to going into rescue. When I met her she did have some severe chest wounds so I do think that ‘something’ bad happened to her. Needless to say, I do believe she has been through quite an ordeal in her young life. I knew what I was getting into when I adopted her so I’m not surprised that even after having her in my home for over a year now, she is still quite afraid of loud noises, new people, children, large dogs and a variety of other environmental stimuli. I have worked with a behaviorist and have had her on meds in the past.

I am hoping that you may have some ideas/remedies that we can try. Just so you know, I am realistic and I’m aware of the fact that this may not work for my dog but I am willing to try. She may always have “issues” and that’s OK. I have definitely accepted this but, I would like to try a more natural approach with her therapy. I would feel awful if I didn’t try just ‘one more thing’ to try and help her become more at ease with the world.

Any help or recommendations you might have will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Edmonds, Washington

My response:
I definitely think “Happy” would help your pup. I have heard similar stories from other pet owners. City Kitty carries the Happy formula which is good on cats, dogs, humans, etc. I am coming out with a human version of Happy soon as well.

If she will let you, spray Happy in her face and put it in her food and/or water.

Please keep me updated. I sincerely hope your pup improved quickly.

Good health to your whole family,

Amy Swartz DC
206 450 1118

I will update this post as information comes in. Good health to your whole family.