by Amy Swartz

Here is an inquiry from a behaviorist trying to help an anxious client:
I am a Canine Behaviorist.  I have a client that I am working with to decrease separation anxiety.  This isn’t a mild form of anxiety.  This is severe, with triggers beginning at the slightest sign of shoes being put on, keys being touched, doors being locked etc.  We are talking about pacing, salivating, whining and obsessive repetitive behaviors until the point that the owners leave the dog and begins jumping, destroying, urinating and defecating. For hours.
I am recommending a training schedule of new techniques to eliminate the triggers, recondition the dog to a positive safe place in the house, and I want to recommend better food and a holistic approach for medication.
I found your information through a reader comment in Whole Dog Journal.  I want to believe in your products.  Seeing clients suffer, watching their dogs deal with fear, anxiety, and stress, I want to give them a supplement I recommend from experience.  But I want to know that it can work.  I want to see results.
If CALM or HAPPY or both can work for this Brittany Spaniel I am referring to, it would help my other clients, and I would refer Epic to my vast network of dog trainers and dog daycare groups.  What are your thoughts?  How do you think CALM or HAPPY can work on a dog terrorized with fear and stress?
Here is my response:
My heart goes out to that poor dog.  Yes, I believe the Happy would help a lot.  It is my best selling supplement and quite a few humans use it too.  It can often work right away, and I hope that would happen in this dog’s case.  There are more testimonials and reviews on Amazon – look at Happy.  Do you know anything about the dog’s health history?  I would recommend “Repair” as well to balance his/her body and bring relief to them sooner.  “Repair” is the base supplement for most of the other supplements and it works wonders.Please let me know how it goes.  I am glad they contacted you, all those suggestions you mentioned will help a lot.  I really do hope they improve quickly.

Good health to your whole family,


Amy Swartz
Epic Pet Health
206 450 1118

UPDATE:  The brittany owner called me to say the training and supplements have made a huge difference and he ordered another bottle of Happy.