by Amy Swartz

Good news about a happy Pomeranian and questions about a rescue kitten with a lingering illness:

Happy works great on my Pomeranian.  She is much less nervous and seems happy again, doesn’t hide under the bed anymore, and stopped nervous urination.  I’m sure it won’t help with her next hair cut, but the vets meds don’t either.

I need some help with one of my cats. Last year we took in a sick kitten that someone found on the street. She’s a little sweetheart but had a rhinovirus. She has had all shots. Doc said her normal vaccination’s would help, and she has had quite a few rounds of antibiotics; but she still struggles with congestion. Disgusting thick heavy mucus, sneezing all the time. She’s about a year old now, small and skinny, even though we free-feed the cats. Much to her dismay we keep her inside. I think she’s chilled a lot too.

Can you make any recommendations for her?

My response:

It’s great to hear Happy is working well for your Pom.  Thank you so much for letting me know.
For your kitten I would recommend Repair, Clear and Immune.  Clear helps with discharge, allergies, etc.   Repair will help get her little body get back in balance so the Clear and Immune can be more effective.   I think she might like some Happy too.  Cats do very well on Happy.  If you get Repair, give a little to your Pom – it will help him too.
Please let me know how it goes, I always like hearing from customers.
Good health to you and your pets!
Amy Swartz
206 450 1118