by Amy Swartz

I wish fireworks weren’t so stressful for pets. Sometimes I wonder about wild animals and how they react…


The Happy and Calm supplements both work well to calm an anxious pet.  Happy was formulated to help stressed pets, while Calm was created to relax hyper-active pets.  Either supplement will work for your pet, but I find that cat owners gravitate to Happy while dog owners are 50/50 for each.


The main advice I have is to start the supplement two weeks ahead of time so your pet’s body has a chance to relax before the big night.  Ideally, spray your pet’s face twice daily and put it in their food at each feeding and in their water once daily.  They should be much more relaxed and able to handle loud noises without extreme anxiety.  Feel free to spray more often, especially a couple of hours before the fireworks begin.  It is safe to use as much as your pet needs.  In fact, I drank a whole bottle of Happy before I auditioned for Shark Tank!  I keep a bottle of Happy in my car and it came in handy!


Calm and Happy will still help your pet’s anxiety If you aren’t able to give it to your pets two weeks ahead of time.  In this case, spray their face and body every three hours before the fireworks start and put it in their food and water.  Massage it into their skin and face.  This is a good thing to do for other stressful situations such as going to the vet or groomer.


Good health to your whole family!  Thank you for taking such good care of your pets,

Amy Swartz DC

Epic Pet Health