by Amy Swartz

Here is an inquiry I received from a cat lover who wants to improve her pet’s quality of life:
My cat is 18 and she has hyperthyroidism. She is a big 17 lb strong cat and is in overall good shape considering her age and condition. She takes methimazole medication daily for her thyroid.
I have started using HAPPY as I discovered it on amazon and with this I have now become aware of the entire product line.
I cannot figure out which of the supplements I should get for her to add to her feeling better as they all seem so beneficial. She can walk and eat and sleep etc normally, I just wonder about her having bodily aches and discomfort or being mentally foggy or just not feeling good from day to day.
Can you recommend what you think would be some great selections to add to her life to improve her overall well being and make her final time spent her on earth as much more enjoyable for her as possible.
Thank you!
My response:
I love the picture you sent.  She looks very much like a cat I got for a friend once – his name was Poomer.  So beautiful!
I would recommend Repair and/or Vitality.  Repair might help the hyperthryroidism a bit, plus help with any other underlying issues that come with old age.  Vitality is great for older pets to help them feel younger.
To me, Repair is the best supplement in the whole line, so I would recommend you try that first.  It is also good to have some on hand for illnesses or injuries.  You can give her Vitality at the same time or wait until she has had some of the Repair.
I hope this helps.  If you have any more questions or comments, please email (or call) again.  I love hearing from pet owners.  Also – please let me know how you heard about me – in a magazine or a Google search?
Good health to you and your pets,
Amy Swartz 
206 450 1118