by Amy Swartz

A question from a pet parent trying to improve the quality 
of life for her cat:

"I have a cat with an auto immune disease. She has done
really well with a immune balance product from natural
pet care to prevent itchy skin lesions, but I'm looking
for something to help stimulate her appetite and help 
her organs in general. She is 10 now. What 
supplement would you suggest? Thank you!"

My response:

The Gain supplement does a good job of increasing appetite.
Other cats who have auto-immune diseases use Immune, Repair 
and Clear.  Repair will support her organs.  There is also a 
Kidney formula that helps support kidney and bladder function.  

Vitality is the multi-vitamin of the line and is great for
aging pets.  

If you want to try one supplement to see how she does,
I would recommend Repair or Gain.

Please let me know if you have other questions,
I am always happy to help.

Amy Swartz DC
206 450 1118