Here is a conversation with a customer whose cat was diagnosed with kidney problems:
I just received your product for my cat for her kidney issues that were just diagnosed.
I noticed that on Amazon it came as a spray verses the drops that I got.
My question is can I put 6 drops into her fluoride free water that she seems to drink several times a day?
The other question is on the directions of the bottle it says you can apply it on the body.  How does this work and where is the best area on her body to apply this?
I found this product through talking to Reya that manages the VitaminLife Store in Redmond.
I will give you some feedback on how my little girl is doing sometime in June when she has another blood workup.
Thank you for your natural product.
My response:
Thanks for the inquiry.  I’m sorry to hear that your cat is having kidney troubles, but I think you will like the Kidney formula – it’s odorless so kittys don’t mind taking it.  Plus it is effective.
The Kidney formula comes in both spray and dropper.  The Amazon order came through as a dropper so that’s what I included, but it’s really just a matter of user preference.  If you would like a spray top I can drop one into the mail for you.
Yes, put the drops into her water and on her food.  If her condition is mild, just use it once a day.
If her kidneys need a lot of help quickly, then put it on her food each time you feed her.  Also put some drops in your hands and pet her back and under her belly so her skin absorbs it as well.  You can also pet her face so she inhales it and it gets into her blood stream faster.  It’s safe to use several times a day, in fact, my dog gets this formula and many others 3 times daily for 2 years now and it helps him a lot.
Customer response:

Thank you.
I do prefer the drops to a spray.
She seems better already.
I have her on fluoride free water,slippery elm, probiotics(refrigerated) and some raw food.
My response:
Thank you for keeping me informed on how she is doing – I really enjoy hearing everyone’s progress.  Also let me know if you have any other questions or comments.
I’m glad she is feeling better.  Poor little girl, I’m glad you found a good combination for her.
Take care and I hope you see a lot more improvement in the coming weeks.
Amy Swartz 
206 450 1118