by Amy Swartz

My teeth hurt a lot.  Lately, Amy thinks I have been losing weight because my teeth hurt me.  I eat wet dog food, but I lick it instead of biting it, and I end up getting tired before I get enough to eat.  Amy did some computer research and came up with a good solution.  She started adding water to my wet food, so it’s soupy.  I love it.  I love it.  I love it!!!  I have been eating big bowls of food ever since.


I should also mention that Aunt Amy created a new supplement for me called “Teeth”.  She uses a whole bunch of “Teeth” supplement in my food-soup which has also helped me feel better and have less pain.  I have eaten some dry food and a whole bunch of treats lately so I think the “Teeth” formula could help other animals too.  I usually continue to improve as long I am on all the supplements Amy makes for me.  I especially hope my teeth improve everyday!