by Amy Swartz

At 18 years old, my teeth feel great!  Less pain! My teeth have been used a long time.  As far as Aunt Amy knows, my teeth have never been cleaned.  My grandma was too afraid of the anesthetic, so none of my “bad” teeth were pulled nor cleaned.

Amy made a supplement for me called “Teeth” because she noticed I was only eating on one side of my mouth and I was bobbing my head up and down when I chewed.  She then started making my food into soup so it was easier to eat.  That was really great.  But now my teeth feel so much better that I don’t have to have my food like soup anymore and I can eat kibble again.  This is a lot easier on both of us.

Now Amy has a great new supplement called “Clean Teeth” which helps reduce the tartar on teeth. So far the testers really like it and say it helps a lot!  Amy started using it on me about a week ago.  Amy’s trying to convince me that she should take “before and after” pictures of my teeth, but I haven’t agreed yet.  Let somebody else open their mouth for pictures – I do enough around here!

I highly recommend the Teeth supplement – prevention is the best way to keep teeth healthy and prevent a lot of pain!  I wish I had taken this for years.  I guess it’s never too late.

whew, life is good!