by Amy Swartz

Why does everybody feel sorry for old dogs?  We get to eat what we want, sleep when we want, and if we have “an accident”, all is forgiven.  Other than having a hard time getting up, getting older isn’t all that bad.  We’re too old to get too many shots.  I go to the vet less and get fewer tests, because I’m too old for the treatments anyway.  They should make getting old – younger.  Three years old would be a good age to be treated like we’re old, so we could enjoy it longer.

I know some people don’t treat their old pets as well as Amy treats me, but if you’re reading this, you probably do.  Amy is my fourth owner.  She seems to enjoy watching me get older, even if she is always trying to make me feel younger.  I know she misses taking me on road trips, but I am much happier at home.  I know where everything is and I’m not crammed into a car seat.  Getting older isn’t too bad.

I’m not unhappy.  I get more treats in one day than I used to get all week. Being old isn’t all bad.  I get little pieces of chicken on my food – everyday.  I certainly didn’t get special chicken on my food when I was three, or even 13.  For 15 years, I was only given bland food which kept me healthy so I would live longer.  Is it worth eating bland food to live longer?  I don’t know.  I don’t think I would have categorized myself as happy back then.

I get to go outside all the time now. I don’t want to walk as far, I just want to be outside.  If I stand in the same spot for five minutes, that means I’m enjoying the surroundings.  I’m actually only standing in the same place for one minute, but humans act as if it’s an eternity.  Why do I have to keep moving?  It’s my walk, let me enjoy it my way.  I’m old.  I should make the rules.

If happiness is measured by treats and walks and kindness, getting old is great. Yes, I have pain, but it’s ok. Ask your old dog.

Ruff ruff ruff.  Ruff ruff ruff,