Hurricane Harvey Pet Rescue

by Alissa Wolf

In addition to the devastating human toll, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have affected many pets, livestock and other animals. Below are some ways that animal lovers can help.

Donate to Organizations Working Directly with Pets in Need

There are a number of reputable grassroots pet shelters and rescue organizations in and around the hurricane-ravaged regions that are working diligently on the ground to aid pets. These include pets that have been separated from their owners; stray pets; and homeless pets that were in shelters awaiting adoption. Many are also working to rescue horses, farm animals such as cattle and other critters.

One is the SPCA of Texas, which Epic Pet Health has donated to. This wonderful organization has been helping via pet evacuations, intake and transfers to other shelters. The Morris Animal Refuge of Philadelphia has been kind enough to provide this extensive list of pet shelters and rescue agencies in and around the regions affected by Hurricane Harvey to which you can donate: Help the Pets of Hurricane Harvey. For info about how to help pets affected by Hurricane Irma, you may email Morris Animal Refuge Director of Operations at

Following the catastrophic devastation Hurricane Maria caused in Puerto Rico, that country’s governor asked he Humane Society of America to serve as the lead response agency for animals there. You can donate by clicking here.

In addition, Epic Pet Health has made a generous monetary donation to the Humane Society of America’s Disaster Relief Fund. Plus, we are donating 20 percent of the proceeds of sales of our products to this cause, between now and September 29. All you have to do is purchase products through this site in order to aid this cause.

What to Do if You Are Evacuating with Pets

Because Hurricane Irma was still in the process of making landfall in a number of areas as of this writing, and people were in the midst of evacuating, the American Kennel Club gathered a list of shelters that are accepting both humans and companion animals, which you can access here.

The Washington Post has also published an article about ways to help pets affected by the hurricanes, along with other helpful information, which you can view here. And feel free to share the infographic below on your social media pages to help pet parents who are in the paths of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Open Your Heart and/or Home to Hurricane Pets

As animal shelters in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other affected areas are struggling to find housing for pets in the wake of the numerous evacuations, many nationwide rescues are opening their doors to cats, dogs and other adoptable animals from the hurricane-ravaged regions.

If you have been thinking about adopting a new furry companion and know of shelters in your area that are accepting these pets, now is a great time to do so. If that’s not possible, you might consider temporarily fostering pets displaced by the hurricanes or volunteering at these shelters.

As virtually all critter lovers know, pets are not just animals. They are cherished family members and noble creatures that deserve loving homes and the best care. So we hope that you will join Epic Pet Health in offering support to our beloved animal friends from hurricane-ravaged regions.

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