by Amy Swartz

What does Amy do for so long on the computer?  She sits at the table, or on the couch or at the counter top moving her fingers around.  It doesn’t smell good or feel good, so why does she spend so much time playing with it when she could be outside?


I had been wanting to get on her computer for a long time to see why she likes it so much. When the basement was flooding in November she left her computer on the floor so I got on it.  I stood there and stood there and stood there but it wasn’t exciting at all.  Nothing came out or moved or smelled.  It was a total disappointment. What is the allure?  Finally Amy came up from the basement and saw me standing on her keyboard.  I don’t know what was so funny – unless it was the innocent look on my face.


My conclusion is – stop spending so much time on the computer and go outside.  It’s a lot more fun and interesting. Plus it smells so good outside.