by Amy Swartz

It’s been a year since Amy started making me supplements.  My back is so much better.  Instead of having a rounded, hunched back, I mostly walk normally now.  Plus my back isn’t as stiff.  My neck is a thousand times better.  It used to hurt so much I wouldn’t let Amy pet me there, but now I let her pet there all the time.  She is really good at puppy massages.


I used to cough whenever Amy would hold me, I think from two fatty tumors near my armpits.  Amy sprayed them everyday with Vitality and now my body has absorbed them.  Now Amy can hold me and I don’t cough.  That has made her really happy.


Another great thing is my eyesight has improved and the brown itchy stuff doesn’t come out of my eyes as much.  Now I watch HGTV for a few seconds and then I look out the door to the back yard. I wasn’t able to see it very well before she made Eye for me.  Now I can also hop off curbs and not fall down because I can judge the distance.  Aunt Amy sprays her eyes with Eye too and thinks it’s great.


I used to have black dandruff from weird black things on my skin. Maybe they are like liver spots.  I have fewer black spots now, (the ones on my nose are gone), and almost no dandruff.  Amy cares more about the skin issues than I do.  I care more about chicken, walks, sleeping, and treats.


Also in the past year I have decided that there is no need for me to get in the car anymore.  I have traveled more than any dog I know and now I just want to stay home.  Amy stresses out about it because I throw a barking fit in the car. She’s convinced I need to get my haircut but I’m not.  I love my groomer Starla, but I would be happier if she would visit me at home.  I will continue to protest and  maybe I won’t have to go anywhere anymore.  I’ve traveled enough.  I’m happy at home where I know where everything is and I can look out the window.  Don’t be sad about it, because I’m not.


This was a really great year.  So many things improved for me, Aunt Amy and many animals.  I bet 2013 will be even better.