by Amy Swartz

If you were old would you want someone to carry you around the block?  I don’t walk very far anymore and Amy is tired of looking at the same thing all the time, so she started carrying me around the block.  She puts me down when I wiggle so I can walk around and smell the new stuff.  This is much better than being in a stroller.  Grandma used to put me in a stroller and take me shopping – no thanks!  I’d rather stay home.


It was a nice day so we took a long walk.  Amy thinks she saw an eagle flying in the air.  I don’t like eagles very much, they scare me.  I like chickens.  Especially Blue Buffalo chicken sprinkled with boiled chicken on top.  That is a great meal.  It could use a little beef now that I’m thinking about it.  Is there a culinary school for dog food?  There should be.  We bring a lot of joy to the world.  The least we could have is a pleasant culinary experience a couple times a day.  What is Thomas Keller’s phone number?   Amy needs to set this up.  Maybe she should call Mario Batali – he’s from Seattle and loves meat. We could have an Iron Chef competition making dog food.  It would be a hit and I could be a judge.  Amy’s a vegetarian so I’m lucky she boils chicken for me.  I’m going to make this a top priority.


Getting busy,

woof woof woof woof