by Amy Swartz

About a month ago I started having episodes where my back would arch and I would fall over. On Christmas Eve I started having several at a time.  Amy was scared that my seizures had come back so she looked up my symptoms:  arching back, looking up, and falling over backwards.  It came up with canine epileptoid cramping syndrome.  Stomach cramping caused my back to arch and then I would fall over.  It was also making my legs shaky.  I guess a lot of dogs get this when the weather turns cold.


It was a scary couple of days.  Amy made a supplement to help my muscles relax and stop the cramping and called it Massage.  She also changed my food so that I wasn’t eating grains anymore.  After two days I was able to walk off the cramps without falling over, but my back still arched and my stomach still hurt.  Then Amy made another supplement called Tummy.  After a few more days,  I was a lot better.  I still lick my lips a lot, but my stomach doesn’t growl as much. I’ve started eating my treats again and have more energy.  Hopefully I will be back to normal soon.


Amy sprays me three times a day for now.  Once I feel better she will spray me once a day.  She also puts the supplements in my water so I get the benefits all day long.  Amy puts a teaspoon of my water on my food sometimes instead of spraying it.  It works great.


At first, Amy thought that I was having problems because I’m 18 and old dogs have problems in cold weather.  Thank goodness she did some research, found out the problem, changed my food, and then made me some more supplements.  We are a good team. Plus I get to eat really good chicken and lamb food.  I hope your human also researches your problems to help you too.


woof woof