by Amy Swartz

Forget Petco and Petsmart!  50% off Epic Pet Health supplements at Amazon and Recognized by Martha Stewart, the Oscars, Emmys, Ellen DeGeneres and others, Epic Pet Health is finding a niche in the pet care industry.  Originally the supplements were made for Lucas, a 17 year old dog with very bad arthritis and and old dog cough. Lucas wouldn’t eat any supplements or vitamins with a smell, so they are very diluted. Lucas’s arthritis and old dog cough improved so much in one day that his owner started making supplements for other pets in need and soon started Epic Pet Health.

Epic Pet Health supplements make great stocking stuffers for your pet or your pet loving friend.  Pets love them because they are odorless, tasteless, human grade and make them feel great! Pet owners love them because they are easy to use (no pill to give), come in spray bottles, and are very effective. Why not buy your pet gifts from a small business this year!

Happy Thanksgiving from Epic Pet Health