by Amy Swartz

I had a rough night.  Amy gave me lamb and rice food and it didn’t agree with me.  Boy did I have a stomach ache.  I love the lamb food.  I even paced around until she finally gave me some.  I am trying to train her to distinguish my culinary needs.  Walking in circles near my food dish means that I want more options.  Maybe some fresh chicken or a little bit of Trader Joes beef dog food on top.  Man that stuff is good.  If I pace long enough she will eventually try chicken baby food, but only if I act like I won’t eat without it.  I used to get chicken baby food if I had a pancreatitis attack.  Now I only get it if she desperately wants me to eat.


If I lay near the fireplace or the vent in the hall, that means I’m cold and she turns up the heat.  If she forgets to spray me in the morning I stand by the coffee table where the sprays are until she remembers.  Of course standing by the front door means I want to go out.  She finally picked that one up.  Lately I’ve been having more “accidents” in the house and she’s trying to figure that one out now.  Sometimes Amy seems tired, but she keeps trying to figure it all out and makes new supplements to help me.  I’m glad I’m her little tester dog.


She keeps talking about brushing my hair so I better lay down and pretend that I’m ready to go to sleep before she gets the brush out.


ruff ruff