Pet Dental Health Tips

Proper dental care for pets involves a lot more than ensuring that dogs and cats have winning smiles. Because pet oral ailments can affect other organs, poor dental health can cause a host of serious residual problems in pets. These include potentially life-threatening heart, liver and kidney diseases.

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Great Pet Stories
Joey running on the beach

If you have a great story on how Epic Pet Health supplements have helped your pets, please send them to us so that we can share with others. Stories from actual pet owners help other pet owners decide whether the supplements may be able to help their pets. Please email and include a photo […]

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Relief for Cat Rodent Ulcers

I Cured My Cat of Rodent Ulcer With Natural Remedies When I initially embarked on this treatment regimen, I vowed that I would resort to a trip to the vet and would agree to place my kitty boy on steroids in the event that the natural approach did not work. Lo and behold, it did. […]

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